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Hanging By A Wire: The Alexa Story


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TWO WOMEN ONE RUN "Knowing Who . . . Is Not Always Knowing"​


"A woman has a dying mother with a lot of wealth. The family asked her to take care of the mother. She went to her lawyer, explained the situation. The lawyer prepared a Trust Fund but when she left the bank later found out she was in a joint account. She met a man online, saw his picture and fell in love.After months of online moonlighting, he persuaded her to help him with some offshore businesses that never existed. She agreed and kept going to the bank and performing odd wire transfers unaware of funding terrorism until the FBI pulled her from boarding at an airport. During the representation of their client, a female paralegal decides to dig a little deeper; backtracking her client's steps and embarks on a few breadcrumbs through her emails showing that there's more behind the truth than a misleading accusation. This new found discovery threatens the fabric of two women; nowhere to turn to, . . . but this hellish chase is on!"

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