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Captivate your Nexus 

: a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Publish and commercialize.

Smile, it's time for you to become one of the many new household brands for generations to come. Let The ASA Advantage help you come out from behind the shadows of other books with a more creative, powerful, and prestigious flare. 


Why wait, Accelerate!


Welcome to Our Author Store & Corporate Gift Shop

As a hybrid book publisher we also provide an unlimited variety of ways that you can share your vision in the marketing and media arena with tools, media packs, and a way to increase the lining of your pockets by buying and selling your books the way you feel comfortable, and at your own convenience. Explore and see how reasonable our marketing and media essentials are.

"I have reached my goal and need to continue working out my success!"


The Author Store is for ASA clients only.


How to order your wholesale bulk in the Author Book Purchasing.

1. The easy way to know your book size is to find it on Amazon or any available bookseller.

2. Look at the product details. It should give you the size, page count, and whether it is Color or B&W.

3. However, you should already know the interior color which makes your ordering process a lot smoother.

4. View and download your own personal book ordering booklet for easy reference.  


Thank You for Shopping

Enjoy your books on wholesale and the marketing essentials needed for a great time at your events, as well as some personal commodities that give you a prestigious ASA Advantage edge in advertising.

"Innovation is key!"

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