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One Book Can Change The World

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Welcome to Our Monthly Calendar. 

Enjoy our today's activity, where you can get a little of something for everyone like Business News, Technology, Literary, Books & Articles, and our Event Calendar where we have our own daily activities as well. If you want to see what we got going, just click into a date where we have a book event and it will provide you with the details you need.


Did you know that you can publish more books in a single publishing package than any other publishing house in the world? Yes, in fact we include editing and proofreading as well as creating a full book cover for every book that you publish. Here's the kicker, we can provide marketing assistance at your leisure, just don't go overboard with it . . . lol! Well, we're looking forward to welcome you aboard ASA Publishing Corporation, if you're not already a part of the family. We can publish and republish for you, just give us a call and together, let's see what we can do. 734.212.6563 M-F. 10am - 6pm or email:  

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