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It's Literary Education of Your Work.

Seminars & Workshop!


$110 Per Class Event

Teachable books are legendary.

By experience or testimony, you must have a book to share with the world, starting in a classroom setting. Brilliance is what you make of what you have and compiled it to be understood. A gift of exceptional talent.  


Being more than an author, you are setting the pathway of inspirational leadership, and there's nothing more than having a place that can provide what is necessary to achieve you goal, even at a basic level. Classroom setting, performing seminars, or creating your workshop, you can utilize up to 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday, from 5:30PM - 7:30PM. This will give your students enough time to get off from work and have the ability to make it to their sessions. Plus, you will be able to set your classroom up for whatever type of curriculum or function that you are performing on that day. Our furniture equipment is included in this package deal. That means you will have access to use as many chairs and tables as needed.


The price is set at $125 per day for 2 hrs. You can always set other days during the suggested timeframe. i It is up to you whether or not that you're charging a student attendance fee, this is no concern of ours. You have full control of the type of classroom setting and or what you're teaching/promoting on as long as it is not any type of hate crime. Otherwise, you will be forfeiting any current and/or future opportunity within our Book Event Center. So, please keep it clean and away from cult type environments.

Remember, you are the window of the soul with an educational purpose to teach and share with others of what you have learned or have been educated by. There's plenty of room for a lot of students to attend. Max capacity of 40 can be seated comfortably. 

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