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Have you ever wondered . . .

Whenever you hear "Over a million books sold" but less than 1% of all authors in certain publishing houses, including those bestsellers that you hear never receive at least $1 dollar from per sale of those books? So, what or how much are they actually getting?

Selling your rights or having a publishing house that gets a royalty percentage more than you is just plain wrong. Especially, if bookstores are already making 40-60% per book sale off the top. 

Have you ever noticed . . .

Most publishing houses today do not provide an actual publishing team. That's because their actually book printers that are collecting your hard-earned money for free. Especially, if they are designed to deliberately have you pay for editing, proofreading, and even sometimes for a cover design separately. And, why can't you publish more than one book for the amount that's costing you? That's seriously and ridiculously crazy, huh? You shouldn't have to sacrifice your household bills, or your family's next meal. 

We call them glorified book printers that already know booksellers are not be too happy with backwards sdrawkcab and embarrassing nonsalable books. 40-60% is very hard to just throw away. Think about it!  

"Don't get discourage and light a match to your project. Let's remove the puff and smoke, and educate ourselves first."

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