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A simple way to make any payment, including placing a product order.

Once you make your payment you're all set, it's that simple!

Note: If it doesn't open, please call for support: 734.212.6563, and we'll send a pay-through invoice.

Pay with Elegance



Direct Pay - No bank account, no problem.


Getting a publishing package that you're hiring us for, making a monthly payment, or ordering books and other products from our Author Store, with the use of a credit/debit card, or prepaid card, 24 Hrs a day/7 days a week without wait or delay.

Fast     Easy     Simple

Take the ASA Advantage with Direct Pay! An easier way to make a payment.


Direct Pay is fast and easy to connect. It's quite simple actually. Even though you can call in or send money orders and checks, we find that there are also those that just doesn't have the time and energy. Well, here you can use your credit card, debit card, or prepaid card without hassle or frustration to make a simple payment. 


  • Just press the MAKE A PAYMENT button on the left.

  • Write in what it's for and the amount that you're paying, 

  • including your email and name.

  • Then, pay with your credit/debit card of choice, 

  • and you're all done! It's that easy! 

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