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Hi, I would like to let you know that I grew up struggling with several learning disabilities, and now learning how to overcome a long journey of dyslexia. Today, it is my pleasure to bring you the first volume of the Realm Keeper series.



Discovering he is from an alternate reality, Karter learns he is the last of the Realm Keepers and must adventure forth to reclaim his birthright as the protector of the five realms as well as the lost fragments of his family’s medallion. Each realm is inhabited by unknown dangers, obstacles, and a variety of creatures who will aid him in his journey to learn about his powers as well as the person he is, was, and will become. Will Karter reclaim the medallion and his birthright? Or will the medallion’s power fall into the hands of the tyrant Torr as he furthers his reign to conquer the five realms?

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