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Karter looks up saying, “We really need to get back. The sun has risen and the Mutarins will be there any moment.”

Jon turns and grabs all four of them. Then once he has all of them, he turns his head to Karter. Karter looks over at Troog in Jon’s arms telling him to climb onto his shoulder and to hold on. Karter asked, “What am I to hold on to?”

As Karter asked about Jon, hair wraps around Karter’s legs and forms handles for him to hold on to. Karter responds with “Oh, okay. It's surprisingly soft.” Jon lunges upward, digging his claws into the stone. Running up the wall which is basically a straight incline of the stone walls. Jon the Brog gets to the top of the mountain that has an opening climbing them out. Their view of what they now see is the valley and the battle. Karter looks on and foresees that the Commander is still behind him. There are thousands.

Karter yells, “We must get down there and stop her!”

Jon begins to run on all fours with Troog on his shoulder, and Elinore flying next to them. As they are running, he says, “I can't lose you again!” They are about halfway down, and the ground begins to shake. Jon stops on the cliff and all you see is energy leaving Persefuny’s body and going back to the castle. Karter then yells about him reaching out to her with his mind. As he does, Jon grabs the side of the cliff with his hand clawing his way down. Karter is in her mind holding her, and she tells him . . .

Continued . . . this is the only way we must save our comrades. Then she kisses his head saying, “Goodbye, I love you.”

As she did this, Jon is plowing his way through hordes of Matarins with Karter spouting out blue energy shield around them. She then pushes Karter out of her head to focus on the task. She faces the castle with both hands out towards it with her feet straddling, then turns suddenly, and all the ground shakes. At a moment’s notice, the pieces of the castle began to separate from the ground and started flying through the air. Huge pieces begin to slam down into the ground destroying all the Matarins in its path. One after another the pieces seal off the valley. The Commander is blown back along with every Matarin behind him. The valley is now completely shut off from the rest of the Commander’s forces. Persefuny begins to fade away into nothing as the energy leaves her, flowing into the wall that she made with the castle.

        Karter sees this and jumps off Jon shouting out energy clearing a path for him to run to his mother. As he gets to her before she is gone, she stretches her arm out towards Karter, saying, “I love you, my son.” While saying this, she placed her hand pressing it over his heart, giving him all of everyone's memories that she had collected from all of their loved ones; all the memories that are now flashing through Karter’s mind in an instant. When this is happening his eyes are closed, but when he goes to open them Persefuny fades away before he can say anything - looking right into her eyes . . . she is no more. He reaches out to her yelling, “I LOVE YOU!!!” then collapses in agony. There he is, curled up in a ball on the ground, arms coupling around his stomach, tears of anguish melting into the soil.

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Hi, I would like to let you know that I grew up struggling with several learning disabilities, and now learning how to overcome a long journey of dyslexia. Today, it is my pleasure to bring you the first volume of the Realm Keeper series.



Discovering he is from an alternate reality, Karter learns he is the last of the Realm Keepers and must adventure forth to reclaim his birthright as the protector of the five realms as well as the lost fragments of his family’s medallion. Each realm is inhabited by unknown dangers, obstacles, and a variety of creatures who will aid him in his journey to learn about his powers as well as the person he is, was, and will become. Will Karter reclaim the medallion and his birthright? Or will the medallion’s power fall into the hands of the tyrant Torr as he furthers his reign to conquer the five realms?

M - Mature Rating Logo.jpg
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