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The Fairytales of Mother Goosebury comprises many different enjoyable anthologies that brings a message of self-worth at any age.


Each story shares a learning lesson on how we should believe in ourselves through many obstacles in life, including receiving respect and love, as the characters in these fairytales will enlighten you. A family read that has a little something for everyone!

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The fairytale stories deliver a dynamic message about encouragement, positivity, and love that children and young teens can overcome their fears and obstacles in her book "The Fairytales of Mother Goosebury" ISBN: 978-1946746863.


This family read of folklore anthologies was written to help find alternative methods through unexpected conditions in life with many challenges, and within this first series our children will be encouraged and uplifted, as well as the kid in our heart!


Mikaela Williams was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is with mother and two siblings, one a twin. The author writes her book from her heart and personal experiences and translates it through her work. Now at an early age of 22, she had to overcome the struggles within today’s era among so many misunderstood youths. Working as a housekeeper in a hospital, she learns how to enrich her creativity.


"The Fairytales of Mother Goosebury" is the first book of her series that was released. The author wants all children and young teens to know that whatever the obstacles or challenges they might face, they can overcome it.


Today Mikaela Williams is becoming a rising entrepreneur and author of her brand “Mother Goosebury”. Her heart and focus are to teach children and young teens through her books on a level that they can relate. She wants everyone to be uplifted and encouraged through her stories.

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