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Here's some easy read books that can help you along the pathway of your publishing opportunity; whether minor or major, a little knowledge is far better than none at all.


What is a Chapbook?

Chapbooks are generally small booklets that carry about 8 to 24 pages. They are usually poems, tales, ballets, pamphlets, short stories, or children's literature. 


What is a Novella book? 

A book that is shorter read than a novel, yet still able to be considered a book. It's word count can go by an average between 15,000 to 60,000 words in a novella. Generalized as small fiction novels.

What is a Novel book?

A novel is a lengthy fiction book with well over 40,000 words at minimum with multiple genres and sub-genres like categories; romance, thrillers, suspense, fantasy, etc. 

What is a Autobiography book?

It is a self-written personal book about one's life or experience; like having a published diary of one's own account; existence of what one perceives to be true.

What is a Biography book?

A book that is written by another person of someone's account in life, generally considered as a biographer.

What is a Memoir book?

It is a collection of memories; moments and events one writes about; not necessarily about one's life but an account of things seen, known, or experienced - articulating dates and times.

This is a helpful PDF file that can pinpoint and narrow down specific genres that you were looking for, even for other connecting booksellers.

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