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Strung out on heroin, Sasha meets an older gentleman who tries to be her caretaker and believes that he would instead help medicate her at his high-rise apartment in Philadelphia than for her to continue going out into the streets to do it. Six months after disappearing, she returns clean and revisits the older gentleman to let him know that she has not forgotten his kindness. But when Sasha arrives at his apartment, the door was already partially cracked open. So, she grabbed the knob and began to push open the door a little bit further, only being able to see the older gentleman's back facing her, a bunch of scattered moving boxes, and just a glimpse of someone in front of him sitting on the couch that he is talking with. When the older gentleman turns halfway around in surprise to see her - glancing over his shoulder, Sasha's immediate attention begins to be overtaken by the individual who is wearing glasses, now staring back at her from the couch.

     The older gentleman looks back at the well-dressed young individual and introduces, "Oh, . . . this is my oldest son, Darion."

     Glaring with tears in her eyes, she stumbles back - pushing the older gentleman away, slapping his hands in discuss and exiting the apartment. The older gentleman walks over to his minibar and pours himself a glass of Scotch on rocks.

     Wipes his mouth with this calm look, "Go get her."

     Sasha, in a world without end, tears of regret . . . STOLEN MOMENTS!

This is a TRILOGY about Sasha, a young lady that is desperately trying to escape reality from a tragic past involving the death of her three-year-old son and an abusive husband who is engaged in HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

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