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Select the Trailer Style of Your Choice!

All styles are subject to desired creativity and enhancement of one's own desired trailer.


Book Trailer - Basic Style           $399

Give your book a deserving prestige.

Set a short and effective powerful presentation for your book with direct component style that sets the tone for the type of audience genre you’re looking for. “A picture is worth a thousand words” bringing visualization to your soon to be readers, and more.​

30 Sec commercial

You can do more with excitement and entertaining enjoyment for patrons from their need to want with a 30 second commercial; already geared for cable television setting. We prepare the HD formatting for television networks.  

Book Trailer - 30 Sec Commercial    $599

Promote your book with a televised flair.


Book Trailer - Moderate Style     $499

Impact your audience with visual.

Impact your audience with a dynamic presentation style visual effects. Present to your audience, as well as others like product distributors, press coverage, or event hosting with envisioning what they could project as a possibility to a new lineup of prospective dynamic advertising. 


Book Trailer - Cinema Movie Style     $699


Imagine your book as movie material. "What if" the possibility can further your wildest dreams! 

Be a visionary with a big dream! We cannot guarantee success, but we can innovate to the extreme with your goal in mind . . . “My book has what it takes, , then let it shine in my ‘What If’ endless possibilities!" 


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