Get the Best for Less

Book Trailer - Basic Style           $399

Give your book a deserving prestige.

Set a short and effective powerful presentation for your book with direct component and animation style that sets the tone for the type of audience genre you’re looking for. “A picture is worth a thousand words” bringing visualization to your soon to be readers, and more.​


Get the Best for Less

Book Trailer - Moderate Style     $499

Impact your audience with visual.

Impact your audience with a dynamic presentation style visual effects. There’s nothing more than bringing home the bacon and adding a little ham to what you imagined could be possible to present to your audience, as well as others like product distributors, press coverage, or event hosting with envisioning what they could project as a possibility to a new lineup. You’ll never know just how far or how powerful your book can really express itself to the viewers.​

30 Sec commercial

Get the Best for Less

Book Trailer - 30 Second Commercial        $599

Promote your book with a televised flair.

You can do more with excitement and entertaining enjoyment for patrons in their need to want to come and see what you do or what you have with a 30 second commercial, already geared for cable television setting. It’s not about glamour, again it’s about the flare of the presentation that promotes curiosity and the need that equips a supply and demand effect like the “Pet Rock” epidemic. If you have the need to promote, we have the flare to provide for you or your media team. Let the glamour be the result of your prosperous elevation. We prepare the HD formatting for television networks.  


Sweet Potatoes! Little Extra

Book Trailer - Cinema Movie Style            $699

Imagine your book as movie material. "What if" the possibility can further your wildest dreams!

Be a visionary with a big dream! We cannot guarantee success, but we can innovate to the extreme with your goal in mind . . . “My book has what it takes, and if I can just show the world that it could be a rising star, then let it shine in my ‘What If’ endless possibilities!" Our job is to make you look good and bring that presentation to next generation level beyond the scopes of media advertisement.  

Just call in at 734.212.6563, tell us how you would like for your book trailer to be tailored, and place your order payment.