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Become the chef of your desired publishing package level that you want to hire us for, and allow your literary appetite to fulfill its dream.

Publish more than one book

Ready to Publish a Book? Please view our Comparison Package Chart.

  • Trial Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Starter Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Basic Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Envision Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Premium Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Victorian Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Luxury Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Ultimate Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Platinum Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details
  • Diamond Package Level

    See Package Chart for Details

Time to Invest in Yourself, Chef!

This publishing package level-for-hire is a tailored design stairstep program. You do not have to stress or lose any sleep trying to publish a book because of your financial income. When you choose a publishing package and decide that you want to have more bells and whistles in the near future, whatever you put in, a full 100% goes into that next level of publishing package. Yes, that's right! You don't lose any money, it follows you. It's a way of investing in yourself. And to make it even more cushioned to your comfort, all you have to do is pay the leftover balance or put it on a payment plan, while concentrating with a publicist on how your published book can make money for you. 

How Do I Get Started?

Well, that's easy. Just go to our Publishing Dept., follow the steps that are provided, then come back here and Choose what package level is right for you. You can always move up to the next level publishing package without having to worry about any financial stress.  And remember, you can publish more than one book in any package that you choose. 

Ready to begin this adventurous publishing career?

The first thing is to make sure that you are presenting us with a complete manuscript or a book of yours that you want us to republish. Now, to give you some grounding before committing to anything, please print out or download our Package Chart and Agreement, and then venture into our Publishing Department (Top Right).

We look forward to welcome you into the ASA Publishing family!   
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