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Professionally Established Since 2005

Be the Chef in your own publishing kitchen, "You Own 100% Rights and Get 60% PCN Royalties."

Welcome to Our Publishing Dept

Step 1. View Pricing

We have different publishing package levels that you can hire us for. This includes editing, distribution, cover design, and marketing assistance. You can also publish more than just one book in a single  pkg.

Step 2. View Agreement

When you find the right publishing package that fits your needs, view our contractual agreement next before making any type of payment. Then, send your manuscript to be reviewed for pre-approval.

Step 3. Upload Manuscript

Once you upload your manuscript, we will notify you when we receive it, and then one of our publishers will begin to review it. The manuscript portal is self-explanatory and very easy to use. 

Step 4. Processing Room

If we pre-approved your manuscript for  publication, fill out the agreement and make a payment. Next, you will be assigned a publishing and marketing team. Below, familiarize yourself with our process.





Optional Payment Plan

This payment plan is optional for higher-level publishing packages. We want you to be the best that you can be as an author, writing in a stress-free environment. Our suggestion is to work at your own financial comfort level.   

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Easy payment or purchasing portal.
Learn how you get paid in royalties.
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