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A Journey of Risk & Reward

Every beginning of releasing your manuscript into the hands of a stranger is a risk. The reward begins with knowing that transparency brings more comfort and earned trust.

Ready to Publish a Book?

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Pauline A.

I am very pleased with ASA Publishing Corporation. They are so warm and friendly and very eager to help you to make your book come to life.


Shaynae' C.

The perfect way to kick off my author career! This partnership has been educational and so smooth! I won't be going else where for a while or ever!


Andrew M.

I am very pleased I found this company! The people I worked with were kind, conversational, and genuinely wanted me to succeed. The price and service EASILY outperform any other publishing company I have worked with.


Tom W.

Excellent experience with ASA. Professional, cordial and timely.

ASA Publishing Corporation offers the services of a traditional 
publisher while clients retain all of the rights to their work. Press into Business News and read how the founder bridged the gap.


You are someone important, never think any less about yourself in this publishing industry. Having a book publisher that cares is about giving you the opportunity to reach a publishing goal with editing & proofreading included, and publish another book for free, on us. Without that, you're just wasting your hard earned income in someone else's cafeteria. We are all suppose to eat at the same table. If you don't eat, that means we don't eat too!


And that's what teamwork is all about.

     About Us                     Innovative Fusion                  Can I Hire You?

Here at ASA we believe that everyone has a story to tell. The founder and owner has shared his vision of helping authors achieve their dreams, stating that the sky is not the limit. Mr. Hill has made it his mission to build this sandbox where we can all be treated equally, and have fun creating our sandcastles together. He believes that everyone should get a fair chance in the publishing industry. He says to always Dream Bigger!

All our clients receive full book publishing treatment.  Mr. Hill has went beyond the norm and built a free cable and online literary television talk show called APN TV Media for all authors and self-publishers around the world who never gotten the chance to receive media exposure for their work.


Explore and feel the uniqueness of our corporation with our QUICK SNAP system; designed to make it easier to get in the publishing industrial world in a hassle free environment, cost effective packages for hire, and without time loss. The BBB Logo in our books represent to readers and booksellers that your manuscript is represented and published through an accredited and reputable book publisher.


At ASA, we do care what goes through our publishing establishment. Therefore, prior to being hired we do screen your unpublished or published manuscript, as well as employees.

Come join us and be a part of the ASA Publishing family!


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