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Welcome to TV Advertising

TV Cable/Online and Streaming Networks are a 99% thriving global business of (POI) People of Interest communicative advertising for fast competitiveness in datastreaming your product to the public. We have over 200 plus TV Networks and Streaming Platforms where your video can go on! Here, grab a brochure.

Ready to campaign across multiple media streaming platforms? Show me how!

Robert Johnson

BET Network


Paul Buccieri

A+E Networks


Oprah Winfrey

OWN Network


Joe Earley

Walt Disney & Hulu

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How does it work?

Leave all the commercializing to us! We're here to make it as easy and simple as baking an apple pie to advertise your product. We provide you with great relief by handling all the technical difficulties like audio and video production, programming, formatting, dimensions, speed rate, video data transfer, advertisement localization, platform mapping, file type, and most of all strategic network channel timeframes.  Click on and view the commercial list below to see the regions and many networks where our client's media book trailers were advertised. Come on board and reach more people through televised media, not everyone has internet.

Who creates the commercial?

If you have a media trailer that you want to advertise as a televise or network streaming commercial, it must meet certain video and audio formatting criteria; specs, and policies. It also depends on what network channel system your commercial would be placed on. We review all commercial trailers for compatibility and acceptability. Not all network funnels have the same specs, but the duration time should be a preferred 30 seconds.  If needed, we will supply all the reformatting required at no extra cost. If you do not have a media trailer (video), we will be happy to create a commercial trailer for you. This will have its own separate cost apart from streaming. 

What about advertising locations?

Our cable television and streaming networks are comprised of various locations across the United States. We televise our commercials through available combined major conglomerate partnership streaming with Disney+, Hulu, Roku, MNTN, Comcast Effect, and other subsidiary televised networks that are localized.  Lower streaming networks such as APN TV Media provide subsidiary programs with a worldwide connected audience. All you have to do is enjoy the ride by having a funnel of over 200 networks streaming your advertisement to over 1 Million viewers. Click in below and view our platform inventory, platform targeting, and viewing platforms. 

How much does it cost?

There is no value or price tag that you could put on advertising your commercial trailer, but we have succeeded in providing a very affordable low cost with maximum quality coverage to launch your commercial campaign to the right region and the right target audience; (POI) People of Interest. Now, realistically, you ought to know that in transparency, no commercial company can guarantee fame and fortune, but we guarantee that we can get your commercial in the spotlight of well over 1 Million viewers on a global scale. It all depends on you. Your cost for all this bundle of joy is only $1200 dollars. Yes, insane! Welcome to ASA, your hybrid publisher!

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