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Welcome to the ASA publishing family.  We firmly believe that every author, songwriter, and musician deserves the opportunity to have the best quality work performed from a publishing house no matter what publishing package one decides to choose. Our task as publishers is to bring about that prestigious quality and make it available to the public.


In book publishing, our task is to present a higher quality level of reading. As with our manuscript department, we feel that a reader must be able to understand and comprehend what the author is trying to convey to the public in any genre; tone and content of how it should be perceived, including the presentation of how it’s presented. This gives the book a wider spectrum of audiences.


When it comes to designing covers, children's book illustrations and graphics for novels, including coloring books, we take great pride in providing and demonstrating the best work possible.  We use illustration tools from trade pencils to computer graphic designs with state-of-the-art technology. Given that strong visualization and powerful artwork one can be very proud of.


As the gatekeepers in administration accounting, our task is to provide efficient and yet accurate sales projectile for this corporation. It’s an honor to be a part of a growing and innovative company that tries to make every effort to see that their clients deserve the best resources possible while obtaining their publishing and marketing experience. Enjoy the journey!

Public Relations

It's not the money-making role that we as publicists play, it's the exposure that we create for our clients and their books; surfacing it out from in between the haystack, and bringing in the POI's, People of Interest through marketing and media. Our expression here is "Don't chase the money, let the money chase you." 


Welcome to ASA

We look forward to having you on board the ASA Publishing family. Come and meet our wonderful team (above). These are the main departments that you will be working with. Once you have established a residence with us as your publisher, you will be assigned a team throughout your journey. Read how each one operates to get a better understanding of what these departments do.

But before this all takes place, the first thing you need to know is that we review all books before being hired. We care about what comes out of our publishing house, and this we know is something that you would appreciate. We are also looking for creative talent to work with. If you feel that you have what it takes, let us review your manuscript and see what we can do to help if it has potential. If you're ready to see what we can do with your new manuscript or previously published book, then let's return to the publishing department and get the ball rolling. If you're still working on your manuscript, check out our Self-Help Center. Free helpful tools that can help you complete your manuscript. When you return, together, let's work on getting you some professional and exclusive Five Star reviews and an interview.
Manuscript Facts

My Manuscript is My Child

Google Reviews

If you have a completed manuscript or want to republish a book, then congratulations!

"You've reached your goal, now it's time to work out your success." 

Below are the publishing attributes we provide for you when you hire us in accordance with the publishing package level that you choose.



As a parent publishing corporation, it is our duty to inform you that if you are currently shopping for a book publisher, please make sure that the "Standard Features" below are automatically included. This is what makes an actual and accredited book publishing house. Some booksellers are still closing, and others cannot sell unedited or poor-quality books; books that are now returned and booksellers who sell new "as-is" books are getting rejected; limiting global distribution. Here is a trending example: Hudson Booksellers Book Submission Guidelines


Features and Benefits
■ Complimentary books per each published book
■ 60% Royalties of the Publishers Compensation Net
■ Author Owns 100% Rights to their Manuscript
■ Upgrade Available
■ Yearly Extensions Available
■ Monthly and Weekly Payment Plans Available

■ Global Distribution

Book Binding Options

■ Paperback

■ Hardcover

■ eBook

■ Saddle Stitch

Standard Features Included in All Publishing Packs

■ Reading Critique

■ Formatting

■ Full Custom Cover Design  

■ Editing and Proofreading      

■ POD - Print On Demand

■ Online Bookstore Availability                          


■ POI Marketing Assistance

■ Press Release

■ Wholesale purchasing

■ Complimentary books

Upgrades According to Publishing Packs
■ Standard Press Release
■ Marketing Kit Per Book
■ Marketing Assistant
■ LCCN - An Access Control Number for Libraries
■ Major and Minor Book Events
■ Brick & Mortar Availability
■ Book Advancement

■ Optional B&W & Color Interior

Courtesy Media for All Publishing Packages

■ Free 20 Minute Television Interview (APN TV Media) 

■ Social Media Launch 

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