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Book Processing Room

Congratulations on your complete manuscript! Now, let's professionally take it to the next level for your readers and the booksellers. 
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It's that time to transform your manuscript into a book. Please follow these easy 7 steps. 

Completion Deadline

45-90 Days

(Complex manuscripts vary)


  • Folder

    • Manuscript Approval Form

    • Client Information

    • Production Control Log

    • Publisher Checklist

    • Work Product Checklist

    • Edit Correction Form

    • Edit Approval Form

    • Graphic Correction Form

    • Graphic Approval Form

    • Pre-Publication Corrections Form[s]

    • Author Approval for Publication Form

Book Processing Room


ENJOY $200 Down Can Get You Published!

Remember, no one can guarantee success but God, but we can guarantee that we will get you into the spotlight. We'll publish your book and give you an audience, but it is up to you to dance the hula-hoop.

An ASAPC Team should be in place to assist you along the way during your course of publishing. As you become seasoned in publishing more books with us, you'll become accustomed to the formalities of these steps and see how fun, easy, effective, and educational the transition of your manuscript's development into a book. Together, we can provide the quality and professionalism it deserves.


  • IMPORTANT 1: Steps can be Mailed or Emailed. These forms are important for the production, completion, and publication of your manuscript (work product). 

  • IMPORTANT 2: MANUSCRIPT MUST BE FULLY COMPLETED before we can even begin Step 1. Please make sure that you have read and understood your entire contractual agreement, thanks. 

  • Go ahead and familiarize yourself before you send your manuscript for review and processing.  We screen all books prior to acceptance.

Follow These
7 Steps

Editing & Proofreading


Step 2


STEP 1 - Edit/Proofread Corrections Form

When the editor/proofreader returns that portion of the manuscript in PDF to you, please thoroughly check the work and see if there are any corrections needed. If unsure, have someone take a look at it as well. We want to make sure that it is close to picture-perfect. You do not want your readers to become editing critics. If there are any corrections needed, press the button to this step and use the work product corrections form and return it to your editor/proofreader. Otherwise, go to Step 2.


STEP 2 - Editing/Proofreading Approval Form

This form is an editorial performance of the work done to your manuscript. You are letting us know that you have thoroughly went through your manuscript and found no errors or corrections needed, and that you approved. If for some reason that you discover that there is an error down the road prior to pre-publication, then inform your editor/proofreader because there is a charge for pulling a book back after post-publication. If you are confident in the work, let your editor know that you are happy with the work, then press the button and fill-out the form and send it to your publisher, and then continue to Step 3 & 4.

Step 3

Project Board

Step 4


Graphics & Illustrations


STEP 3 - Graphic/Illustrations Sketchpad and Project Board

You do not have to be a Picasso to paint us a picture for corrections, just enjoy utilizing either tool or both for your book's images/illustrations, front cover, wording placement, etc., just press the button[s] and let the world be your oyster! We really want to provide the best for you. But, if everything looks good and you are well-pleased with the work's interior and/or exterior, then just go to Step 4. 

Otherwise, on the Sketchpad just import your cover or image and proceed with correction adjustments then export and send it to your graphics designer or your publisher. Note: If you need assistance on these boards, just give us a call: 734.418.4756, they're free to use.

STEP 4 - Graphic/Illustrations Approval Form

The approval form to the graphics and illustrations agreement is generally approving what applies to you and your work. For example, you sent us images that you provided, then you would check "I have my own illustrations/pictures/graphics I had ASA install on the interior/exterior of my book." It's that simple. All you're basically doing is looking over your book with the graphics/illustrations this time and providing an approval of the work, and if you are satisfied with the work's interior and/or exterior. 

Step 5



Step 6



Pre & Post Publication

STEP 5 - Pre-Publication Corrections Form

This is the most critical step prior to submitting your work to the printing and distribution companies so they can place your soon-to-be now published book into their database system and make it available to booksellers, once they also approve the book as well. Your publisher will be reassembling the sections (bookblocks) of your book together along with an ISBN on the copyrights page, then send it to you in PDF for the final review and approval. If there is any discrepancies that you see or discovered, now is the time to make those corrections by pressing the button and inform us on what is needed. If you are satisfied, then please go to Step 6.   


STEP 6 - Author Approval for Publication Form

You are at the final stage of making your book available to the public. This approval form is mainly a reinforcement to the previous approval forms. Your publisher has to make sure that everyone is on board, working on the same page together, and most of all that you are happy, satisfied, and in agreement with the work performed before your book is launched out to the public. We want your readers to be readers, not transformed into editing critics. We want your book to become its own powerful presentation among the crowd of other books. If you have to go over everything; to double-check, that's okay, we encourage you to do so because we want to provide the best for you. This is it, this is your publishing journey! if you are ready, press the button on the left and make your final sign-off. Then, let's head to Step 7.

Step 7

Circulation I

Global Distribution


STEP 7 - Confirming Your Now Published Book in Circulation


Congratulations! Yes, go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

This is the moment that every author has been waiting for, to see their manuscript actually become a book and made available to their readers.


Once your publisher contacts you and provides you with a publication acceptance, start checking your book's circulation by pressing the button and then type in your author name, book title, or ISBN periodically. The global distribution circulation of your book worldwide should take from 24 hrs up to 45 days at least.


 Again, congratulations on your newly published book!

Step 7

Circulation II


The beginning stages of the publishing world is never easy, even when you become seasoned, our evolution in how to present our literacy continues to change.


As you may now noticed, it takes a team to properly complete a manuscript and a team effort to market the product. Our guidelines & processing steps can help achieve that goal. 


Steps 1-2
Steps 3-4
Steps 5-6
Steps 7
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