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Quarterly Royalties & Taxes


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              Getting Your 60% PCN Quarterly Royalties from the Cookie Jar

​The most exciting thing about having a book out in global distribution is when a book is sold and the author receives a royalty percentage for the "actual" sales of that book. Actual meaning that the book wasn't returned back to the bookseller for some reason; considered as positive sales.

Our royalties are set on a quarterly basis;

  • January, February, March - 60% Royalty received in May

  • April, May, June - 60% Royalty received in August

  • July, August, September - 60% Royalty received in November

  • October, November, December - 60% Royalty received in February

By pressing into the ROYALTY INVOICE SHEET button, there is a diagram and guidelines to help you along the way and have a better and more clearer understanding. 

Book publishing is suppose to fun and enjoyable, not expensive. Here we allow authors and writers the ability to publish more books in a single package with less cost. And get this, editing, proofreading, and cover design are all included. Go ahead and take a tour.


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