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Marketing Strategies

No more needle in the haystack for you, it's time to become knowledgeable to some unlimited potential on how to keep the dust off your book and into a reader's hand.

Know Your Product          Know Your Audience          Know Your "Self"


What distinguishes your book from all the others? 


How strong is the reading material of your book?


How do others see your book cover other than yourself?


Did you get a feedback that should or would help 

improve your book?

Generate a Product          Generate a Buyer          Generate a Sale


Have an idea on a project and trying to establish a foundation to grow on?


Find a few networks and hashtags some pipelines that will see your product. The more visible, the better chances of sales.


Great, you sold a few books! Now let's try to target some locations and generate a group of target audiences with similar interest. (This system maps out a target structure.)


Are you ready to add more to your resume? Let's find some bookstores that will give you a chance on consignment, and possibly a book signing gig.

Exercising Your Dream   Creating Your Resume'   Building Your Foundation


Media exposure goes a long way when there is even a little opportunity for cable/online television with an audience.


When you're on the airwaves, the listeners are looking for short, strong, and elaborate key reasons to buy your book.


This is another form of radio and/or television by way of direct online media. 


Self-generate your income by having your own website or webpage that your readers can go to and purchase your book[s].

Reaching toward Your Success                       Exercising No Limits More Potential

Public Relations

Marketing your product alone takes hard work. There are financial obligations and time consumption that can be very stressful. PR or (PRA) Public Relations Agents can eliminate 90% of the hassle, and allow you to continue being the author so you don't have to become the chief, cook, and bottle-washer. 

Book Parties

Every event should be treated like you're having a book party. Always have books on hand no matter where you are. If you're at a doctor's office, leave your book on the coffee table in one of their magazine racks, or any preferable place where there is a flow of traffic. Go to events or create one. Just don't couch-potato yourself into thinking that the needle in the haystack is going to surface on its own, especially when physical bookstores are slowly disappearing into the night, and if you're doing this alone. 

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