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Sometimes it's hard to hear it from any publisher, when you're not making any income, but there has to be something missing in the process when it comes to target marketing. Therefore, it is nice to hear about learning it from someone else (see video to the left), concerning the accidental flaws that one might have or going to make when getting connected into the social networking media.


Hopefully, almost all authors go into the publishing industry to sell their product, which is the work that they achieved to make public. Consumers, or shall we say, readers, can be very challenging to the purchasing of your work as well as profitable by the end of the day. There is an expression, "You got to spend  money to make money."

And within this, you have to rely on what you presently have. Therefore, here is a way to help you expound not only in networking, but to learn about the various social networks that can benefit you without spending a penny. But s they say, you have to spend money to make money; well at least spending to elevate from a limited ability to go further. The sky is not the limit! In the meantime, please watch the video to understand this social networking list you are about to swim in.


APN TV Media is a very low cost-effective social networking broadcast television media with a physical television studio and tailored website for books, and welcomes any author or publisher to come on the show to receive an interview.

TIPS TO LEARN - When you're researching the links below: Use Wikipedia to your advantage!

  • (1) What type of network it is,

  • (2) How many people are in that network,

  • (3) What is that network's ranking,

  • (4) Does that network have external links that could be beneficial, and

  • (5) How can it benefit your goal in getting people to pay attention to your work.

Book publishing is supposed to fun and enjoyable, not expensive. Here we allow authors and writers the ability to publish more books in a single package with less cost. And get this, editing, proofreading, and cover design are all included. Go ahead and take a tour.


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