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Public Relations

You're not alone in marketing your creative work. We provide POI People of Interest from all over the world to view your book.


What distinguishes your book from all the others? 


How strong is the reading material of your book?


How do others see your book cover other than yourself?


Did you get a feedback that should or would help 

improve your book?


Local          Regional         National



  • One who generates and manages publicity for a person (client) and/or product.

  • Just How Important is a Publicist?

  • A “Publicist” is an individual who promotes by drawing publicity through media means; posters, flyers, word of mouth, news media, television media, radio media, a show and tell formula, telecommunications, social networks, etc.

  • Whether an assistant (helper), agent or manager, someone or team has to promote in order to bring success within book popularity and sales. This includes the author becoming well-known to have regional/national book events.

  • In fact, a publicist goal is to reach the status quo of regional and not only local media and/or book events, and soon national media attention.

  • Without a Publicist, the publishing house and its author[s] cannot survive! There would be no purpose to publish a book without media exposure. And in order to have media coverage, there must be some form of public relations team that is versatile in the manner of how to take the media approach, diversive with flexibility on being able to perform internet to outdoor promoting, and having a creative mind to overcome oppositions.  

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