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We are thrilled to bring our Michigan Book Expo back to our native home in Monroe, Michigan. Like most exhibits, it's free to the public but participants have to pay for their exhibition spot to sell their books and materials. We have a staff who will be serving a complimentary glass of white wine to anyone who enjoys a little extra taste of elegance. On occasions, we may have some hors d'oeuvres as well.


The beauty of an expo is that not only everybody has a story to tell, and we're sure that visitors would love to hear the participants, but the flow of foot traffic and network attraction that literary has in so many fields of prospectors; scouts for possible movie production, plays, education; things that benefit productivity in what the publishing industry call mass productionhigh demand, the author's dream.  The expo is like having a world fair, an exhibition to see and view some of the creativity of these talented national & international authors, poets, and book publishers, and perhaps choose a few of the books that are on display, and even get a signed autograph. For the participants, it's presenting their best presentation by picking out a table, an area; a comfortable space of their desire and to create the exhibit sectioned in that specific location spot. So have a glass of wine on us, and enjoy the MBE - Michigan Book Expo. 



Our book event center has a variety of astonishing events that authors, poets, and publishers can partake in that you might want to come and participate in. These exciting events are such as banquets that publishing houses usually provide for their authors for awards, or just having an appreciation of their accomplishments. Then there is the book party where it is similar to a banquet, but the author is the host that provides the food and beverages, as well as music and having their books on hand. Seminars and workshops are on a more educational learning level with their books, like having a classroom setting. And finally, there's the book event; a book signing where authors talk about their books, and the patron or reader receives an autograph copy. Sounds like fun! So Come and enjoy this portion of our book event center as well. 


During our seasonal expo exhibits, we offer complimentary wine to those that has a book from making a purchase at any of the author's table, or a purchase made from any of the display locations. It's a way of saying thank you for participating. Don't forget, we have free validation parking.


We have a very prestigious location within the city's area where it is valued with elegance and quality. We're located at 29 S. Monroe St., Monroe, Michigan 48161 on the second floor above the famous Amaya's Mexican Grill Restaurant. Our door entrance is on the side of Front Street. Ring the buzzer at the door for one of the staff members. 


Free Validation Parking


ASA is a Member of the DMBN Downtown Monroe Business Network

Historic Monroe, Michigan is growing and gaining momentum throughout the United States with it's jazz festivals, wine crawls, sidewalk sales, fabulous restaurants, and fantastic people. Now It's time to enjoy Monroe's Michigan Book Expo and Events!

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