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Our Tables & Chairs.

Our tables and chairs are here to accommodate you.

Whether you decide to choose a table that has one chair or two chairs, it is entirely up to you. The choice of whatever table when coming in is free on a first come basis. The tables may look similar, but rest assure they are of different sizes. But, if you want to reserve a table size, then there is a reserve fee according to that specific table (See below). Poster stands are available (Reserve fee required). Otherwise, you only pay for the spot of whatever type of event that you are choosing. 

Only applies to Michigan Book Expo

  • Table - First come first serve basis, no cost/free.

  • Table - Reserving a specific table small charge/reserve fee.

  • Chairs - First come first serve basis, maximum two to a table, no cost/free.

  • Chairs - More than two chairs must be reserved, charge/reserve fee.

  • Poster stands - First come, first serve basis, maximum one, no cost/free.

  • Poster stands - Charge/reserve fee required.

  • Podium  stand - n/a, only used for the curriculum on the right.


Does not apply to the following:

  • Seminars - All included

  • Classes - All included

  • Workshops - All included

  • Personal book events - All included

  • Commercial book events - All included

Remember: If you reserve some type of furniture equipment, there will be a reserve fee. Other than that, it's a first come, first serve basis. You only need to just pay for your spot, that's all.

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