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If You Build It, Readers Will Come.

Onward to Innovation!


$65 Per Book Event

Great! Now let's build something memorable.

This is where the moneytree-leaves flow. The catch is having the initiative to want to sell your books. That means being able to share it to the world, starting with a place that will give you the opportunity to set up shop. 


What is it that you want to build? We see that bookstores have been fading away for some time now, but since the time Covid has been coming into play, the exiting of quite a lot of major and minor stores have been moving more rapidly, pushing readers into the eReading technology. Yet, there are book printing and distribution companies that are still producing physical/tangible books. As an author or publisher, you may have a few boxes of books and followers that would like an actual signed autograph copy.


Well, for one thing, it's a lot cheaper to have a physical event to sell a "signed copy" directly with a growing number of foot traffic, as oppose to adding shipping cost through a Zoom or Skype event. Look at it this way, why not have the best of both worlds, and take advantage of direct engaging and photo-op events, as well as on screen book events. Yes, there you go, double-triple the exposure and sell more books! 

What's so awesome about this is that you got 1-4 hours per event to create two seminars or classes within that day. Or, you can use the time to just having a nice book event with some foot traffic. The choice is yours to enjoy and make money.

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