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Sweet Potatoes!



Our responsibility to your manuscript/book is to only assess what is needed, consult with you concerning the changes that need to be made, and perform the required repairs to provide a professional and marketable book for your publication or republication.

Our Book Repair consist of:

  • Formatting - Correcting the layout of a book’s presentation and publication, including the size of the book if it is not within the right specifications that cause rejections from printing systems.

  • Proofreading - To detect, mark and correct the grammar and punctuation errors that have been overlooked within a particular style of writing.

  • Editing - To correct the clarity of what has been said (written) without the misconception or confusion of what the author is trying to convey to the readers.

  • Structure - To provide a correct and readable framework of how each page is constructed by determining the margins, spaces, centering, numbering, text justification, including header and footer.

  • PDF to Correct Specs - Applying the unification of the PDF’s specification size, conversion type, diameter, crop display, and text/image embedding to the book’s actual size and format for proper print publication.

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