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Undiscovered Literary Talent

Welcome to ASA Publishing Corporation. Be a part of a growing literary company that has an in-depth history of strong fundamentals and competitive advantages in discovering talent. Equal opportunity investment for everyone to share in multiple corporate investments that we provide.

"As a team, we all succeed fundamentally and financially."

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Financial Donation

Financial Donation

As part of our administrative accounting, ASA ensures accurate sales projections. Donations directly contribute to their growth and innovation.


ASA Publishing Corporation thank you for your financial donation in support of our literary cause. 

Make a Financial Donation

In today's generation of literature, we need to preserve the basic education fundamentals of reaching that desire of wanting to read and write back in schools, libraries, job sites, and at home. Undiscovered creative talent brings hope back into the literature of all ages and cultures.


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Thank You for Caring!

With each new generation, our children are becoming more codependent on technology instead of meeting it halfway. Most of our everyday function in life is based on literature. Your investments and contributions can broaden the basic literature components within the educational system. And by this, ASA Publishing Corporation thanks you for your contributions.

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