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This Journey is My Book's New Legacy

To Greater Things!

$35 Per Table Spot

This Chapter in Life is About You!

It's a great opportunity to give yourself a chance to achieve independently to create your own pathway to success, by being able pick and set your own table or booth design on a first come first serve basis, and be able to exhibit and sell as many books that you like at a very low affordable spot cost.

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Barnes & Noble

Create the positivity in your world by allowing yourself to present your work. Take the challenge and share your gifted talent as a writer of novels, poetry, religious books, fantasy books, recipes, urban, suspense thrillers, crime novels, educational books, and so much more. It's about you, your time, your creativity! Never worry about what others may think, have your own style and flair, and decorate your table how you see fit.


It's your world, your book; the ownership of something great to share with your readers, and those to come. Celebrate your victory on having a published book, and not having to always sell it from the back seat of your vehicle. We have a spot for you, take the advantage and have fun enjoying your achievements at our Michigan Book Expo! 

We had fun outside, we had fun at bookstores, and we had fun at the malls, now it's time to come on inside under a very spacious air-conditioned event room and create your own legacy. Looking forward to seeing you here!


Westland Mall

Monroe Event

Book Event Center



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