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In our publishing house, sending a book to the New York Times or any other book reviewer is not our responsibility because we feel that if an author feels strongly about his or her book, he or she always have that option to send one off themselves. The reason for this is because we wish to not show partiality among our clients in any level of publishing package, (we're not here to judge their work) but we can supply them with the information on where to send it.


When a book is reviewed, generally they send it to us so we can update their book's marketing info, including installing the review[s] on the book itself when it comes from a credible reviewer that shows promise. Otherwise, general reviews are stationed on the reviewer's blog; hopefully with a strong social network of readers. 


How can I get my book reviewed by The New York Review of Books?

  • Please send all books to Robert Silvers, the magazine's editor. The Address is: The New York Review of Books 435 Hudson Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10014


  • Quoted by the New York Reviews: "As we receive hundreds of books for review consideration, we do not keep a log of the books that arrive. When a book is reviewed, we send copies of the review to the book's publisher."


Book publishing is supposed to fun and enjoyable, not expensive. Here we allow authors and writers the ability to publish more books in a single package with less cost. And get this, editing, proofreading, and cover design are all included. Go ahead and take a tour.


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