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Internship can hold a spot for future opportunities!





Be part of a growing team of hybrid innovators and slide into today's groove with in-house, internship or outsource employment. 




  • Our responsibility to the author/writer is for the duration of his/her/their rendered service contractual publishing agreement, and not to the subcontractor. We have an agreement with our client, and the subcontracting Associate has an agreement with our company, not with the client.

  • Our promissory agreement is a bilateral contract that only involves two groups/sources which are ASA Publishing Corporation and the Associate (contractor) who is being contracted (hired) in the position of an individual or company that has skills and/or talents.

  • The author/writer only has a bilateral contract with ASA Publishing Corporation except for when it comes to public relations within the publishing house because it involves a certain type of confidential information and information that is allowed to be exposed, including certain bookstore agreements, pictures, etc.

  • For any and all personnel working with ASA Publishing Corporation, one should present him/her/themselves with professionalism and perform their talents with quality. Even though an Associate is subcontracting in a certain position within our corporation, the responsibility of the task presented and accepted still reflects on the outcome of the type of "Quality of Work Performance" that comes out of our publishing house, and from those that we hire; which makes us responsible for the work that you perform.

  • Therefore, we are willing to train, but if the performance/work is continually poor (over a period of time), we have every legal right to our client[s] to transfer the job[s] to another contractor[s] that can perform the task with efficiency, and share/divide the cost of the amount of the contract of that client to and with the new subcontractor, and terminate the former for poor and/or inadequate performance.

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