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Media & Marketing Gold Packs

Hassle Free! Find what you desire, press "Make A Payment", create login, fill-out and pay!

Nibble Pack


√ 100 Business Cards
100 Postcards
5 ea 12 X 18 Posters
 Press Release

Snack Pack


√ 100 Business Cards
 200 Postcards
5 ea 12 X 18 Posters
 1 ea 24 x 36 Poster
 Platform Network Blast

Slider Pack


200 Business Cards
200 Postcards
5 ea 12 X 18 Posters
 Platform Network Blast
 Press Release

Webo Pack


300 Business Cards
 300 Postcards
5 ea 12 X 18 Posters
 Press Release
 Moderate Book Trailer

Kebbler Pack


√ 100 Business Cards
1ea 24 x 36 Poster
 Platform Network Blast
 Basic Book Trailer
 Book Review

Grab Pack


√ 100 Business Cards
100 Postcards
 Moderate Book Trailer
 Press Release
 Book Review

Express Pack


 150 Business Cards
150 Postcards
5 ea 12 X 18 Posters
Creative Website

Saddle Pack


100 Postcards
100 Business Cards
 1 ea 24 X 36 Poster
 Cinematic Trailer
 Cinematic Website

Media & Marketing Author Media Pages

Let's Innovate the Brilliance in Your Gifted Talents!

Author Media for Your Books

No website? No problem! We provide for Author Media Pages our authors, especially since websites have become ridiculously expensive and authors still need a base to market and sell their books. No cost, no monthly fee for an ASA standard Cinematic provided template page. If an author requires more than one page, in which we allow the maximum of 3 on our site, the cost for each extra page will be $5 dollars. This is a month-to-month no obligation agreement.
Come visit our Author Media and explore:
Coffee Table
The beauty of this is that not only does the author will have a web page, but the author will have a class level brand identification for his/her/their site. Example: 

Media & Marketing Platinum Pack






√ Let us build a Cinematic Website with domain name
√ Create a custom movie promo trailer for your book
√ Redesign your book's cover to go with the trailer
√ Make billboards for your Twitter & Facebook walls
√ Platform Networking Blast
√ Receive 500 tailored postcards to present
√ Have your book sent to a Book Reviewer
√ And take 100 bookmarks to relish the excitement!
√ Plus 3 Different 24 x 36 Cinematic Movie Design Posters of Your Book
Individual orders are available
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